connect HP Envy 4522 printer to windows

How to connect HP Envy 4522 to my new Windows computer?

You can expect your printer to get uninterrupted printing outputs only if it is effectively done with printer setup & access. Make use of the given HP Manual/ HP Official page to download the latest HP Envy 4522 driver OS that suits the compatible windows system. Eventually, ensure that the printer is supported with a stable network to proceed with the windows interface if you are trying the wireless method.

Then, make sure the printer setup is efficient throughout the procedure of printer setup. Make use of the given guidelines to start the uninterrupted printer setup via stable power & network support.

Steps to arrange HP Envy 4522 printer for the new windows computer:

  1. Initially, receive the printer box and keep it on a smooth surface & place it on the ground surface to arrange the printer accessories according to the given HP Manual.
  2. Further, you need to ensure with the packing materials are done to the printer box. Safely use the sharp object to make a fine incision.
  3. Ensure you have removed all the packing materials completely to move on next. Eventually, look at whether the display cover is securely protected and remove those covers.
  4. You need to take the given Cables or USB cord to start the interface connection via HP Manual given. On the other side, confirm with the wireless mode to acquire stable network access.
  5. Turn ON the interfaced windows system to start the computer by ensuring the needed latest windows OS.
  6. Eventually, support through one end of the cable to the printer’s backside and the other end directly to the wall outlet.
  7. Access the ink cartridge door to install ink cartridges with reference to their stated colors and finally access the input tray to load the sufficient Premium quality paper sheets.
  8. Make use of the HP Official page and download & install the latest HP printer driver through the HP Official page and start the flawless printing work. Ensure the windows settings like Printers & Scanners and attain the list of devices added.
  9. Right-click on the desired HP Printer name and start the efficient print work by verifying its status.
  10. At last, you can directly choose the required file to be selected and start the proficient printing access on your HP Envy 4522 printer setup.

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