How to connect HP deskjet 2700 printer to wifi

HP Deskjet 2700 printer supports wireless and wired connectivity modes. However, sometimes the DJ printer might not connect with the wifi network. It might be due to several reasons. Now, here get the standard steps to resolve the problem and connect the printer to a wifi network.

Method to resolve the issue- DJ printer not connecting to wifi network

  • Firstly, check and confirm the computer does not have any faults. Then, ensure the printer and wifi router has no problems.
  • Make sure the wireless router and computer are in active mode. Then, ensure the wifi router has a stable internet connection.
  • After that, confirm the router and computer has the same wifi network. Then, check and ensure the wifi is active on the computer.
  • Make sure the router, computer, and DJ 2700 printer are near each other. If not, then keep them near each other.
  • Now, try connecting the DJ 2700 printer to the wifi network.

Still, if you come across the same problem, then follow the below method to connect the printer and wireless network.

Method 1

  • To begin with, remove the power cables connected to the DJ printer.
  • Deactivate the computer and HP Deskjet 2700 printer.
  • Now, wait for some time, and reconnect the power cable to the printer & wall port. Then, activate the computer and HP Deskjet 2700 printer. After that, activate the wireless router.
  • Ensure the internet connection is stable on the router. Then, confirm the computer and wifi router have the same wifi network.
  • Now, press the WPS button of the DJ 2700 printer and do not leave it. Within 2 minutes, press the router WPS button and do not leave it until the light blinks.
  • Once the wireless lights blink, load papers in the DJ printer paper tray and try printing.

Method 2 

Apart from this, another method to connect the DJ 2700 printer to the wifi network is using the HP Smart App.

The simple steps for using the HP Smart App method for connecting the DJ printer to the network are:

  • Save the HP Smart App setup file on the computer. Now, extract the HP Smart App setup file on the device. Follow the on-screen HP Smart App setup process. Finish the software installation.
  • After that, activate Bluetooth on the computer. Now, if you using HP Smart App for the first time, then create an HP Account.
  • Creating the HP Account will help you access all the functions of the DJ 2700 printer.
  • Open the installed HP Smart App software and choose the Add Printer option. Follow the on-screen instructions and add your HP 2700 printer to the device.

Final Thoughts

Connecting the wifi network and HP Deskjet 2700 printer is easy with the above methods. If you have any queries on this method, then feel free to call us.

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