How to connect HP Envy 5055 printer to Wi-Fi Network?

how to connect hp envy 5055 printer
Connect the HP Envy 5055 printer to Wi-Fi with the set of instructions listed below:

  • Power up your HP Envy 5055 printer and the PC with the latest OS.
  • Now, place your printer and PC close to a router on a flat corner.
  • Enable the wireless icon on your router.
  • Go to the control panel of the Envy printer and choose the home icon.
  • Pick the settings menu and go to the network settings option.
  • Choose the wireless settings menu and open the 123 HP Envy 5055 wireless setup wizard.
  • Follow the wireless setup steps and choose a network mode to connect.
  • Now, wait for the HP Envy 5055 printer to get interruption-free wireless connectivity.
  • Affix your PC also to the same Wi-Fi and continue printing online.

Final Thought

Follow the above steps to connect your HP Envy 5055 Printer to WiFi. If not, call our experts right now!

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