How To Fix the HP Officejet Pro 8034e Printer in Error State Windows 10

HP Officejet Pro 8034e is one of the common printers used by many users. However, in this printer, there are chances of getting an error state message. If you see this message while using your HP 8034e printer, you do not have to worry.

Resolving this problem is quickly possible using the explained below methods.

Standard Method for Fixing the HP OJ Pro 8034e Printer in Error State Problem

Method 1: Check the Connections

This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to fix the “printer in error state” problem.

Deactivate the HP Officejet Pro 8034e printer and Windows 10 computer. Then, unplug the USB cord from the printer and computer. Check the USB cord and ensure it has no problem. If the USB cord has any faults, get a new USB cable. Check and ensure the new USB cable does not have any problem. Then, connect the USB cable’s one end to the computer and another end to the OJ Pro 8034e printer.

After that, connect another stable USB cord to the wall port and HP OJ Pro 8034e printer. Now, power up the Windows 10 computer and wall port. Then, activate the HP Officejet Pro 8034e printer and check whether the printer problem is fully resolved.

If the HP Officejet Pro 8034e printer is still in an error state, then continue to the next method.

Method 2: Make Sure the HP OJ Pro Printer is Online

If your printer is in offline mode, then the chances of an error state message are there. So, use the below steps and convert your printer to online mode if it is offline.

  • Move on to the Windows 10 device and choose the Start button. Then, click- Control Panel and select- Devices and Printers.
  • Ensure your printer’s name is on the device and check the status. If the printer is online, the status will show as “Ready”.
  • If the printer status is not ready, then right-click on its icon. Choose the option- Use Printer Online.
  • Now, the HP 8034e printer will become online and the error state will be easily resolved.

Still, if the error state problem exists in the printer, then move on to the next method.

Method 3: Ensure Compatible Papers are in the HP OJ pro 8034e Printer

Open the paper tray of the HP Officejet Pro 8034e printer. Then, take the papers from the printer. Check the papers and ensure they are compatible. After that, keep the paper in the tray with proper alignment and close the tray. Power up the OJ Pro printer and wait for a few minutes until the printer gets ready. After that, check whether the error state message has fully cleared. If the problem is still existing in the printer, then try the next method.

Method 4: HP 8034e Printer Driver Reinstallation

Move on to the Windows 10 computer and delete the HP OJ Pro 8034e driver from it. Then, search and download the latest version HP OJ Pro 8034e printer driver compatible with the Windows OS. Extract the setup file of the printer driver and follow the on-screen procedure. Finish the driver installation process.

Summing It Up…

With the methods explained here, resolving the HP OJ Pro 8034e printer error state problem is easily possible. If you need any additional clarification on the given methods, contact our technical support experts.

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