How to Reset Your HP Deskjet 2723e Printer to Default Factory Settings

HP Deskjet 2723e printer has several users across the globe as they are easy to use and excellent printers. However, sometimes the printer might show some problems. It includes printers offline, HP wireless printers not connecting, paper jams, print jobs stuck in a queue, and much more.

The above-mentioned problems are quite common on all printers from any brand. Now, when you come across these problems, you don’t have to worry as HP provides the solution to solve these problems. If in case, the solution doesn’t work for you, then reset the HP Deskjet 2723e printer.

How To Reset HP Deskjet 2723e Printer to Factory Settings?

Resetting HP 2723e Printer to factory settings is easily possible. For this, follow the method mentioned below:

  • To begin with, check and confirm the HP 2723e printer has no problem.
  • Take a stable USB cable and remove the covering materials if any. Then, connect its one end to the HP printer. Then, connect its other end to the electric outlet.
  • Activate the electric outlet. After that, press the buttons (Power and Cancel) together for a few seconds.
  • Now, leave the Cancel button and after a few seconds, leave the power button.
  • The HP printer will reset. Then, open the paper feeder tray of the HP printer.
  • Get a new bunch of suitable sheets and place them on the printer paper tray. Ensure to place the sheets on the tray with proper alignment. Now, close the paper tray.
  • After that, access the Windows or Mac device connected to the printer. Now, activate the device and ensure it has no faults.
  • Open a page on the device and click on the File menu. Then, choose the print option and make essential changes in the print settings.
  • Select the print button and get the page printed.


In this write-up, we have explained the simple method to reset the HP Deskjet 2723e printer. However, if you have any queries on this, feel free to call us. Our expert technical team will guide you throughout the printer resetting process.

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