HP Deskjet 2722e WPS PIN Setup

123 hp Deskjet 2722e wps pin setup
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What is WPS Pin?

  1. WPS is the mode that makes the wireless setup process even easier by simplifying the connectivity between the wireless devices and the wireless router.
  2. Make sure the connected Wireless router has its security keys like WPA & WPA2.
  3. You will get a printer-generated one-time WPS Pin to start the HP Deskjet 2722e wireless setup using the compatible system support.

Note:  HP Deskjet 2722e WPS Pin will protect the active printer device from unknown users and hotels.

What is a WPS pin on an HP Deskjet 2722e Printer?

  1. WPS PIN will acts as a source for the wireless setup by establishing the network connection between the wireless router & printer.
  2. Make use of the hp deskjet 2722e wps pin settings and place the printer nearby the wireless router to begin the wireless printing procedures.
  3. Now, specify the generated one-time code on the requested field and wait till the configuration starts.

Where is the WPS pin on HP Deskjet 2722e printer?

  1. Begin the WPS Pin setup process by connecting the printer and router nearby to get the uninterrupted network signal.
  2. Then, operate using the setup settings and access using the WPS Pin mode. Next, relax until the WPS Pin connects the printer and router using wireless Wi-Fi Protected setup mode.
  3. If you make any delay in mentioning the HP Deskjet 2722e WPS Pin, repeat the below steps and get the new pin & mention it to the right field.
  4. Before starting the WPS Pin setup process, confirm with the printer basics and proceed next.
  5. Reach nearby the HP Deskjet 2722e printer control panelpress & hold the information & wireless button simultaneously.
  6. Then, wait until the Network configuration page starts to print and carry out using the wireless setup through WPS Mode.
  7. Check the top of the print page for the Network setup details and the generated one-time WPS PIN.
  8. Finally, try to note down the displayed WPS Pin and mention it to the web-based router configuration page.

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HP Deskjet 2722e WPS Pin Setup

HP Deskjet 2722e printer WPS Pin setup is the set of instructions to be carried out to bring the wireless prints by connecting through the stable network access. Try to ensure with the driver and other details to avoid the HP Deskjet 2722e Troubleshooting issues while attempting the network printing.

What is WPS button on the HP Deskjet 2722e printer?

  1. On the HP Deskjet 2722e printer, we don’t have any specific WPS Button. Instead, you can offer them through the given procedures.
  2. Remember, the generated WPS Pin will be invalid after the allotted period of time.
  3. Then, you need to repeat the same procedure to get the new HP 2722e WPS Pin to begin the wireless setup using a Wi-Fi Protected setup.
  4. Before initiating the WPS Setup, make sure the printer requirements are available appropriately.
  5. Confirm whether the network is stable and steady to access the wireless through the WPS setup.
  6. Try to obtain the new one-time WPS Pin using the WPS SETUP by getting nearby the HP Deskjet 2722e printer. Now, press & hold the information & wireless button at the same time.
  7. Wait for the next, Network configuration page to know the network credentials which include WPS Pin.
  8. View at the top of the printout to check the WPS Pin and type it to the Web-based router configuration page.

WPS PIN Setup mode for HP Deskjet 2722e:

  1. Initially, inspect whether the computer is ready to start the wireless printing job using network support.
  2. Next, you need to connect the HP printer and computer by the source of interface connection.
  3. Confirm whether the printer and its devices like the computer and wireless router have shared the same network to proceed next.
  4. Go nearby to the printer’s control panel to Press & hold the information and Wireless button. Now, wait for the wireless Network configuration report through a printout.
  5. Relax until the printout completes the print-through output tray and look at the generated WPS Pin on the page top corner.
  6. Easily copy down the generated WPS Pin to start the configuration process.
  7. Now, mention it on the web-based router configuration pageand type the copied WPS Pin to it.
  8. Finally, wait for the connection status and begin the wireless prints using the computer support & active network.

Is the WPS PIN the same all the time for HP Deskjet 2722e?

  • This 8-digit WPS PIN is an auto-generated one, and it changes whenever you try to connect with HP Deskjet 2722e Printer.
  • In case you missed out the 90 seconds, restart the WPS pin setup Also, to reconnect your device to the wireless network with WPS PIN, restart your devices.
  • The concept of changing the WPS pin every time will add an extra layer of protection for wireless connectivity. Also, you can connect only the WPS-Certified devices to your HP Printer.
  • To connect the device to the HP Printer, you can follow the steps similar to connecting the device (Windows or MAC) to the HP printer wireless.
  • The only difference here is that your HP Printer will prompt for the WPS pin when trying to connect.
  • Here, you should enter the WPS PIN displayed on the HP Printer Panel.
  • Then the HP Deskjet 2722e Printer will connect with the Printer.
  • If you face any issue with the WPS setup process or in identifying the WPS pin for your HP Deskjet 2722e Printer and the router, call us at Easy Install Guide.

Also, we will guide you in getting the WPS pin for your router and the HP Envy Printer.

How to find WPS pin on the router for HP Deskjet 2722e?

You can easily locate the HP DJ 2722e WPS Button nearby the power button of the wireless router. You will get the WPS indication after the wireless setup gets accepted by the printer. Assign the sample print work using the print option.  If you face any issue with the WPS setup process, call us at Easy Install Guide.

How to enable the WPS mode on HP Deskjet 2722e?

You can easily locate the HP DJ 2722e WPS Button nearby the power button of the wireless router. You will get the WPS indication after the wireless setup gets accepted by the printer. Assign the sample print work using the print option.

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