HP Deskjet 3636 WPS PIN Setup

123 hp Deskjet 3636 wps pin setup
HP Deskjet 3636 WPS Pin

What is WPS Pin?

  1. Prefer this WPS Mode to make your work much better and easy.
  2. To get rid of certain network-related issues, keep the HP Deskjet 3636 printer close to the wireless router.
  3. Then, try to get the protected PIN source to initiate the print work.

What is a WPS pin on an HP Deskjet 3636 Printer?

  1. You can either use the Pushbutton or PIN mode to initiate the wireless setup.
  2. Confirm with the HP DJ 3636 WPS Pin mode and ensure the network stability for effortless access.
  3. Wait until the Wireless indication starts through the light to proceed next.

How to find WPS pin on the router for HP Deskjet 3636?

WPS Icon is visibly nearby the router’s power button. Once you have recognized the HP DJ 3636 WPS button, can you push or press towards it to establish the wireless configuration? Carry out using the HP Official page to download & Install the Easy Install Guide and start the printing work effortlessly using the WPS Pin startup process.

How to enable the WPS mode on HP Deskjet 3636?

Once you are done with the printer’s fundamental needs, you can have the support of the HP Official page or Manual to know much about the WPS mode & handlings. After finding, either press or hold the HP 3636 WPS Pin for a few seconds and wait until the wireless communications start through the support of wireless devices.

Note: The HP Deskjet 3636 WPS PIN will bring an advantage to your printer device and secures any kind of unknown users.

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HP Deskjet 3636 WPS Pin Setup

HP Deskjet 3636 WPS Pin is the secured way of launching the wireless setup through the basic printer setup & network support. You can use the HP Official page to ensure the WPS mode settings and other configuration support.

What is WPS button on the HP Deskjet 3636 printer?

It doesn’t have a WPS button, rather it has settings and setup procedures to get the WPS Pin mode done easily using the network support via network credentials.

  1. Identify your desired network and connect all the devices to it.
  2. Confirm whether the system selected has its WPS mode enabled to it.
  3. Bring all the printer-related devices under the similar network coverage and proceed next.
  4. Then, you have to initiate the WPS configuration using the HP Deskjet 3636 printer by accessing the control panel settings icon. Now, choose the Network setup option > wireless settings option.
  5. On the corresponding screen, use the Wi-Fi-protected setup menu. Prefer the WPS PIN option from the drop-down shown.
  6. Specify the displayed WPS Pin for HP Deskjet 3636 directly by copying from the display or screen. Try to start the configuration setup procedure easily using stable network support.
  7. Wait until the network configuration starts on your devices.
  8. Note: Proceed using the WPA & WPS security keys for the fabulous prints.

How to connect a computer with HP Deskjet 3636 using WPS Pin?

  1. Select your desired network prior and arrange the setup and proceed with HP Deskjet 3636 printer control panel to click the settings option at the top menu.
  2. Then, carry out using the Network setup menu > wireless settings and prefer the WPS setup (Wireless Protected Setup).
  3. Further, move on with the Wi-Fi Protected setup page option and select the HP 3636 PIN option which shows you two options push-button & PIN.
  4. Relax until you see the one-time configuration ie WPS Pin for HP Deskjet 3636 operating screen and move on with the wireless print job via the wireless method. Specify the received WPS Pin directly from the screen or mention it to the router web-based configuration page.
  5. Wait for the wireless printer setup shows using the HP DJ 3636 WPS setup.
  6. Operate the printer setup by placing the printer nearby the router.
  7. Before the given time, type the obtained PIN into the field and give enter.
  8. If your PIN got expired or is outdated, use the same procedure to get the new HP Deskjet 3636 WPS Pin code.

Is the WPS PIN the same all the time for HP Deskjet 3636?

  1. This 8-digit WPS PIN is an auto-generated one, and it changes whenever you try to connect with HP Deskjet 3636 Printer.
  2. In case you missed out the 90 seconds, restart the WPS pin setup Also, to reconnect your device to the wireless network with WPS PIN, restart your devices.
  3. The concept of changing the WPS pin every time will add an extra layer of protection for wireless connectivity. Also, you can connect only the WPS-Certified devices to your HP Printer.
  4. To connect the device to the HP Printer, you can follow the steps similar to connecting the device (Windows or MAC) to the HP printer wireless.
  5. The only difference here is that your HP Printer will prompt for the WPS pin when trying to connect.
  6. Here, you should enter the WPS PIN displayed on the HP Printer Panel.
  7. Then the HP Deskjet 3636 Printer will connect with the Printer.
  8. If you face any issue with the WPS setup process or in identifying the WPS pin for your HP Deskjet 3636 Printer and the router, call us at Easy Install Guide.

Also, we will guide you in getting the WPS pin for your router and the HP Envy Printer.

Where is the WPS pin on HP Deskjet 3636 printer?

Initially, connect through the fundamental needs of the printer like ink cartridge installation, paper loading, and driver installation procedure to work effectively on the wireless procedure.

  1. First, make sure the selected network is stable and active concerning the wireless router & computer device.
  2. Ensure with the printer devices and switch ON the printer to check the wireless router setup for its default network.
  3. Note: You may get an error due to the router may not connect directly to the default network.
  4. Then, connect through the home page top-left to prefer the Settings option.
  5. Carry out using the Network setup option and choose the wireless settings to find out the Wi-Fi Protected setup drop-down option.
  6. Get your identified WPS PIN from the screen and proceed next.
  7. You can now specify it to the Router’s web-based configuration.
  8. Finally, start the flawless printing work via HP Deskjet 3636 WPS PIN setup configuration.
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