HP Laser MFP 135W wifi network problem

Wi-Fi signal issues can trigger for various reasons, but wifi stops right after the print network configuration directly to the printer solution. Make sure the printer is efficient with its required printer setup essentials like ink cartridges, compatible paper sheets loading, and more. Eventually, you need to ensure with other reasons like listed below:

  1. Stay connected to your router
  2. Fix printer ‘offline’ status
  3. Wake from sleep mode
  4. Speed up wireless printing

Furthermore, you can also expect these issues when the new cable modems that has built-in wifi router. Where, the printer must be connected directly via cable through the actual cable modem box, and without using any additional wifi router.

  • Look at your HP Laser MFP 135W printer and inspect for any printer basic issues.
  • Make sure the printer with an HP account is active and utilize the given HP manual or Official page reference.
  • Ensure that the chosen network is stable and make sure to utilize only quality paper sheets to load the input tray.
  • Confirm whether it contains only quality and recommended size paper sheets.
  • Make a new attempt to start the Wi-Fi router, Modem, System and Printer freshly.
  • Now, use the printer control panel settings on the printer and select the Setup or Wireless menu via the Network settings.
  • Ensure with the related settings and try to clear all the print queues. Look at the printer & system eventually to check for its accessibility.
  • If you get the update notification, attempt to update the Firmware by using the active network.
  • Note: Use the network settings and check twice on your network credentials like name & password.
  • Next, configure through the printer’s basic connections and operate via input tray & ink cartridges.
  • Further, drag the wireless router nearby the printer for uninterrupted network access.
  • Attempt the power cycle method only with the support of 123.HP.com manual source support.
  • Finally, restart the printer setup and select the file to be printed and start the efficient HP Laser MFP 135W printer access.

How to proceed freshly using Printing a Network Configuration Page

Track the below steps to print a test page from the HP printer.

  • Connect through the HP Laser MFP 135W printer control panel, and press the Wireless icon.
  • Hit Settings, navigate through the given Down Arrow once, and confirm with Print Reports. The Print Reports menu displays.
  • Finally, choose the Network Configuration Page. Now, you can see the printer starts to print a test page.

Even more assistance, you can Call Our Technical Experts to guide you throughout for the efficient HP Laser MFP 135W printer WI-Fi setup & wireless prints.


The test page can consist of two print pages of information.

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