HP Printer not printing after installing HP smart Connected to wireless

Sometimes the HP printer fails to print after the HP Smart App installation when connected to the wifi network. However, solving this problem is not a challenging process.

You don’t have to worry if your HP printer shows this problem. This problem can be quickly resolved with the standard method explained in this write-up.

The standard method to fix this printer problem is:

  • Keep your printer close to the computer and wifi router. Move on to the printer and deactivate it. Then, deactivate the computer connected to the printer.
  • Wait for some time and activate the printer. After that, activate the computer.
  • If your printer has a touchscreen, then access its control panel.
  • Then, Choose the wireless icon or setup option and select the option- Network setup.
  • Then, choose- Restore Network Settings.
  • If the HP printer doesn’t have a touchscreen, move on to the Restore wifi setup mode on the printer. Press the essential buttons and restore default settings.
  • After that, access the computer connected to the HP printer.
  • Access the list of networks available on the computer. If the connected network is not yours, then disconnect it. Then, reconnect the computer to your network.
  • If the network status is not connected, connect the computer to your wifi network. After that, recheck the network status.
  • When the network connects to the computer, you will see a connected status or check mark near the network.
  • Move on to the computer and uninstall the HP Smart App from it.
  • Wait for some time and download the HP Smart App software on the computer. Then, extract the software setup file on the computer.
  • Follow the on-screen set of standard software setup instructions. Complete the software installation.
  • Add your HP printer to the software again using the wizard procedure.
  • Next, open the printer paper tray and ensure it has no issue.
  • Get a bunch of suitable sheets suitable for the printer. Check and ensure the bunch of sheets has no problem.
  • Place the sheets on the paper tray with proper alignment and close the paper tray.
  • Now, go to the computer and open a document.
  • Choose the given File menu and click on the displayed Print option. Then, make essential changes in the print settings and choose- Print.

Final Thoughts

If the HP printer is not printing after installing the HP Smart App software, even after being connected to the wireless network, it indicates some error. However, you don’t have to worry; the method explained here will help you resolve the problem efficiently and quickly.

Now, contact our technical team if you have any queries or doubts or need clarification on the method explained here. Our expert technical team will assist you from start to end.

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