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HP Printer Driver is a self-contained driver software that will prepare your 123 hp printer hardware to be correctly recognized and fully accessible by the 123 hp print driver.

How to print documents using HP print software?

To print documents is using to print the HP print software, you will have to consider using the set of instructions listed below. These steps will assist you in getting instant printouts and saving more time.

  • Firstly, boot up your 123 HP printer and check whether the input paper tray has a sufficient quantity of quality printing sheets.
  • Now, open 123  HP printer drivers and then click on the print icon.
  • Next, check whether your printer is the default hp printer. Also, click to open the properties dialogue box.
  • From the properties dialogue box, you will have to complete all the print settings.
  • Now, click continue to close the properties dialogue box. And tap on the print icon.
  • You will now get quality printouts of your choice. Now, click on the print icon again to continue printing. Else, go to the HP printer software to enjoy the other essential features as required.

How to print photos using HP print software?

To print images of maximum accuracy with the help of HP print drivers, you will have to follow the set of instructions given below:

  • Firstly, switch on your HP printer and then look into the input paper tray. The input paper tray should be full of quality printing sheets without hassles.
  • Now, double-click on the 123 HP printer software to open it. And click on the print icon to proceed.
  • Next, choose an option that will redirect you to the properties menu. And click on the printing shortcuts menu on picking the photo to print.
  • Now, do all the print settings changes according to your requirement.
  • Close the properties dialogue box by click ok. And, click on the print icon to get the desired print results of your choice.
  • Now, click continue to continue printing photos. Else, go back to the home screen of the downloaded HP printer software. And continue utilizing the other specialized features available.
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