WPS Pin HP Printer

wps pin hp printer

Where to find the WPS Pin on an HP Printer?

The guidelines included will provide simple instructions to locate the WPS Pin. Connecting the HP Printer to a wireless network connection is the final step during setup. The steps here provide directions to locate the WPS Pin.

  • Connecting the HP printer to a wireless connection can be done in many ways.
  • The easiest manner in which the HP printer can be set up on a network is through the WPS pin option.
  • The initial steps of using the WPS pin can be completed during the installation and setup of the brand new printer.
  • The options that will be provided will be the Wifi Protected Setup or WPS Pin method.
  • Choose the WPS Pin setup. Note that the number that will be displayed will only last for 90 seconds.
  • On choosing WPS Pin, a pin will show up on the display instructing you to enter the 8-digit pin in the router’s web-based configuration page.
  • Download the HP Network configuration page where the pin will be available.

Note that the pin will have to be generated if the time limit has passed. The same steps have to be followed to regenerate the WPS pin. Another option available to connect the HP printer to a wireless network is through the Wireless Setup Wizard, WPS push button or through the HP Smart App.

WPS Pin is used to connect an HP printer to a WiFi network

These guidelines below will assist in providing instructions to connect to the wireless network after locating the WPS pin. Note that the WPS Pin HP Printer will have to be entered within a time frame of 90 seconds from the time the pin was generated.

  • The WPS pin can be found on the web-based configuration page.
  • This page will indicate the WPS Pin. It is an 8-digit number.
  • During the setup, the installation wizard prompts for the connection option.
  • Choose a WPS pin and this will provide an area to enter the 8-digit number.
  • Refer to the web-based configuration page and enter the number.
  • In the “Enter the WPS Pin on HP printer” dialogue box, enter the details and click next.
  • Once the details have been entered, the device should be restarted.
  • For this, choose the Windows icon on the device, click the power icon, and restart.

Once the device is powered back up, the HP printer will be connected to a wireless network.

WPS Pin does not work

Connecting the HP printer to a wireless connection through the WPS method is simple. But, there are times when issues can occur. The below steps will assist in rectifying the error that has occurred and is causing a hindrance in connecting the HP printer.

  • During the process of connecting the HP printer to the wireless connection, a pop-up box will be available.
  • It indicates “Enter the WPS Pin HP Printer“.
  • Do not enter any numbers in the space given. Instead, click Cancel.
  • This will close the dialogue box, ending the process of connecting with the WPS Pin.
  • Follow these steps as an option to resolve the WPS Pin issue:
  • Reset the Network Settings to Factory Settings:
    1. Move over to the HP printer and choose Network Settings.
    2. From here, move through the options and choose Restore Factory Settings.
    3. On clicking it, the changes will be applied.
  • Reconnect the HP printer to the device. Generate the WPS Pin and connect.

The process is to be followed as instructed. Contact us to assist in connecting the HP printer to a wifi network through the WPS Pin.

Final Thoughts

Follow the above steps to connect hp printer to wifi network using WPS Pin. Need assistance with WPS Pin HP Printer, contact our support team.

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