Where do I find the WPS pin on my HP Envy 7640 printer?

In this blog, you will find the answer to the question where do I find the WPS pin on my HP 7640 printer? Follow the steps below to locate the WPS pin for HP Envy 7640 printer and connect the printer to a wireless connection. If you do not wish to use the instructions, alternatively, we provide you with the option of getting in touch with us to locate the WPS pin on your HP 7640 printer for you.

What is the WPS pin on the HP 7640 printer?

  1. The WPS pin is an 8-digit code that is generated on the printer.
  2. It is one of the safest means through which the HP user can connect to a wireless connection.
  3. This unique code that is generated on the printer acts as a one-time password.
  4. It lasts for a short period of 60 to 90 seconds. Exceeding this will require another HP Envy 7640 WPS pin to be generated.

Here are the steps that should be followed to locate the HP 7640 printer’s WPS pin.

  • Power up the HP 7640 printer, the device the printer is connected to and the wireless connection.
  • Ensure the cables connecting the printer and device are intact and there are no connection issues.
  • Make sure there is an active wireless connection for the HP 7640 printer to connect to.
  • For this, the wireless connection should be active and stable during the process of connecting the printer and device.
  • Move over to the HP 7640 printer. Tap the Control Panel to gain access to the HP Envy 7640 WPS pin.
  • Locate the button with the wireless icon on it. Click wireless settings to access the connectivity option.
  • Choose the wireless connection option followed by a wireless protected setup.
  • On choosing a wireless protected setup, two other options will appear.
  • The two options that will appear on the printer’s control panel are the WPS push button and the WPS pin.
  • Choose the HP Envy 7640 WPS pin and an 8-digit code will be generated on the screen.

With this, you now have access to the WPS pin. If there are any complications faced along the time of locating the WPS pin, contact us for assistance in locating the WPS pin on the HP 7640 printer.

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